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The Private & Consulting project was born in 2006 and despite the various changes that took place over the years, it remains an independent financial consultancy company.

Private & Consulting uses the “fee only” approach, for which the remuneration received by the customer derives solely from the fees for the services provided (and not from the relegation of commissions paid by third parties). The professional consultancy activities of Private & Consulting are remunerated directly and exclusively by the client. The company does not receive direct or indirect compensation from the purchase or sale of a financial product. Subject to specific agreements with customers, the company does not normally apply performance fees, thus avoiding any incentive to increase the riskiness of the investments.

The investment strategy of Private & Consulting is mainly based on the achievement of two well-defined objectives. On the one hand, the portfolio’s risk-return profile is optimized, controlling financial risks and reducing management costs. On the other hand, particular attention is given to the protection of invested capital, maintaining the balance of investments in all market phases.

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High quality financial consulting

Private & Consulting is a young and dynamic company that offers a high quality financial advice service without any conflicts of interest.

The team's analysts use the main financial strategies to capture the various opportunities on the international markets.

Annual customer average performance in the last 5 years 7.65%
Satisfaction index for the last 5 years 100%