Consulting services

Relying on the professionalism of Private & Consulting means having a tailor-made service.
The strategy, the analysis, the reports, everything is designed based on the needs of the customer.


The investment advisory service allows you to manage and successfully monitor your financial portfolio. The Consulting Team collaborates with the client during all phases of the investment process in order to guarantee a completely personalized service characterized by excellence.
  • Aggregation of financial positions and in-depth analysis of the entire securities portfolio
  • Determination of the investment strategy and optimal asset allocation
  • Optimization of the risk / return profile and reduction of management costs
  • Increase in overall performance through a dynamic selection of securities
  • Constant monitoring of portfolio risk through dedicated software systems


Private & Consulting offers a range of services aimed at reducing risks associated with financial markets, allowing the company to focus on its core business. In particular, a series of specific skills make it possible to monitor the impact of interest rates, currency fluctuations and volatility of raw materials.
  • Support for the corporate treasury function and periodic monitoring of investments
  • Management of risks related to movements in interest rates and major currencies
  • Implementation of strategies to hedge exposure to the commodity market
  • Structuring of ad hoc bond issues of the main European financial intermediaries
  • Application of quantitative and qualitative analyzes on specific markets or financial instruments


Private & Consulting has dedicated an entire area of the study office to respond to the growing needs of institutional subjects regarding the world of derivatives and structured products. The proposed financial advice has as its main objective the elimination of hidden costs and risk management.
  • In-depth and detailed analysis of the financial products in the portfolio
  • Identification of the most effective strategies with which to minimize criticalities and costs
  • Selection of investments that increase the overall return
  • Constant monitoring of portfolio risk through specific software systems
  • Management of risks arising from movements in interest rates and major currencies


The combination of trading systems and computerized automatisms is one of the most innovative trends in the entire financial sector, so as to attract ever greater interest among the managers of Mutual Funds and SICAVs. Thanks to experts who have over 10 years of experience and dozens of active strategies, the company's advisory service is provided at the request of the client and includes:
  • Use of signals based on automatic trading system trend follower or neutral market
  • Implementation of strategies to hedge exposure to the stock market and currency
  • Identification of the decorrelated quantitative models, to stabilize the NAV trend
  • Constant monitoring of the main portfolio risk indicators through dedicated software
  • Realization of custom automated trading systems on Forex, Equity, Bond and Commodity

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